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Victor “His Master’s Voice” logo (Japan)

Contributed by Florian Hardwig on Dec 3rd, 2017. Artwork published in .
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    Label for a 7″ by Misae Enomoto ( 榎本美佐江) / Ichiro Funabashi (船橋一郎), Victor ‎MVK-1056. Issued in 1975, this was one of the first records to use the newly introduced logo.

    In 1975, Victor Japan introduced a new logo with letterforms derived from the Motter Tektura typeface which was released shortly before. The aperture of ‘V’ was opened up a bit; ‘c’, ‘t’ and ‘r’ were widened and got diagonal top terminals. Motter Design lists the logo as a design by its precursor, Vorarlberger Grafik, i.e. the studio co-founded by the typeface’s designer, Othmar Motter.

    From Discogs:

    Victor was a prolific classical, opera, pop, jazz, blues and country label launched circa 1901 in the USA by Victor Talking Machine Co. In 1929, the company was bought by RCA. In 1946, the Victor label was replaced by the new RCA Victor label in most of the world. In Japan, however, the Victor label continued to exist; currently it is owned by Tokyo company Victor Entertainment, Inc.

    The Victor Company of Japan, Ltd is usually referred to as JVC. Wikipedia: “JVC is generally known within Japan by the Victor brand, preceded by the His Master’s Voice (HMV) logo featuring the dog Nipper.”

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    Inner sleeve from フリフリ’65 by Southern All Stars (1989)

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    Inner sleeve of a soundtrack record for Kimagure Orange Road, “Panic in Okinawa” (1985)


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    1. Dec 3rd, 2017  11:09 pm

      Letterhead of Vorarlberger Grafik (VG), Freie Arbeitsgemeinschaft für creative Aufgaben in Hard, Austria, shown in Modern Publicity 1973. Image courtesy of the International Advertising & Design DataBase.

      The listed staff members are Othmar Motter, Johann (Hans) Kaiser, Rudolf Hagen, Renate Hagen, Bruno Pachauer, and Erich M. Wiener. The studio was founded in 1952 by Motter, Kaiser, and Sylvester Lička, all three graduates from the Höhere Graphische Bundeslehr- und Versuchsanstalt in Vienna. [ORF] Lička left in 1955 to become advertising manager at the textile company F. M. Hämmerle. []

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