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Tiffany’s Attic logo, matchbook, mug

Photo(s) by Jordan Smith. Imported from Flickr on Dec 6, 2017. Artwork published in .
Tiffany’s Attic logo, matchbook, mug 1
Source: Uploaded to Flickr by Jordan Smith and tagged with “helveticaflair”. License: All Rights Reserved.

This dinner playhouse opened in 1971 on 5028 Main in Kansas City, Missouri. The logo is likely lettering based on Jeannette or something similar.

Tiffany’s Attic logo, matchbook, mug 2
Source: Photo: poppy_the_waif. License: All Rights Reserved.

4 Comments on “Tiffany’s Attic logo, matchbook, mug”

  1. “81. Tiffany’s Attic. Designed in 1972 by John Quastler Associates, Inc.” — American Trademark Designs (1976) by Barbara Baer Capitman, Dover Publications.

    I’m not sure if this John Quastler was an actual graphic designer, since I see more movie-related items attached to his name than design credits. I believe they may have used this logo until they closed in 1990, but don’t quote me on that bit.

  2. Very nice, Ryan, thanks! Credits added.

  3. I was astonished to see this page to day and the recent comments.

    You’re correct. The credit shown was my advertising agency. The actual designer to my recollection was an employee, at the time, Ron Boyd. I understand that he has passed, but it would be nice to give him credit for this fine design post-mortem. Amazing…this internet. Best, JQ

  4. Credit added. Wonderful to hear from you, John. Thanks!

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