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2011 Brand New Conference

A trend-aware identity that is more than merely trendy.

Contributed by Stephen Coles on Dec 21st, 2010. Artwork published in .

Brand New Conference logo

A design conference identity is a difficult assignment. There is no tougher crowd for a designer than other designers. Not only does it have to appeal to that audience, but it has to be of the moment as well (a conference that feels behind the times won’t attract any goers). And to top off that tall order, this particular conference is on branding. The conference branding better be good.
Brand New Conference speakers
Given all the demands, Armin Vit did an admirable job building an identity for his first Brand New Conference. Armin was clearly aware of the Fat Font Fad, documenting it on Speak Up three years ago. And while his design for the Brand New Conference may seem to follow that trend, it can’t be accused of being out of date. The key is Klimax, by far the most interesting of the ultra bold poster fonts to come out of the Oughties. Ondrej Jób’s take on the genre eschews pure geometry, using a sort of super ellipse shape for rounds instead of a circle. The counters are monolinear lines, the same weight of the typeface’s thin counterpart.

Klimax is more than the logo type, it makes great frames for the speaker photos as well. What is normally the blandest part of a conference program (we’ve seen many of these mugshots before) is now a poster-worthy part of the conference brand.


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5 Comments on “2011 Brand New Conference”

  1. The crops are awkward, for example it would have made more sense to place Paula Scher either on the left or right of the vertical line.

  2. lance says:
    Mar 8th, 2011 6:38 pm

    I agree with the comment above!!!

    Also its using the type as a photo vessel gimmick (trend).

    Didn't Armin criticize the MTV logo for this same thing???

  3. I've seen these same photos for these designers before elsewhere. If that's all he had to work with from them then moving their faces over left or right would have chopped the picture itself so as to not fill the letter. We all know things like this happen. Maybe it's the case here.

  4. This entire identity is really appealing and well done. The color palette is also very sophisticated.

    As for putting images inside letterforms -- people have been doing that since the 1800's. If that's a trend, it's one with staying power.

  5. It is certainly a very big challenge to meet expectations in a big event like this, the community is always very critical, but in my opinion the identity developed for the event was fantastic, it has a lot of weight and personality.

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