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ICA beverages

Contributed by Estudio Calderón on Feb 8th, 2018. Artwork published in .
ICA beverages 1
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Swedish branding agency Silver produced design and packaging for a new, non-alcoholic beverage line for food retailer ICA.

Silver was challenged to create an aesthetic for ICA’s new range of high quality beverages including juice, cider and beer, aimed at enthusiastic foodies looking for healthier alternatives to alcoholic beverages.

“In grocery stores today there is a very limited, near to non existing, offer of good non-alcoholic alternatives. We wanted to offer a complete solution of beverage and food combinations that inspires new food experiences with suggestive info, graphics and organic design. The range strengthen[s] ICA’s presence and expertise in the overall meal experience.” — Silver

The design keeps the consumer in mind with colorful visual symbols that make it easy for consumers to plan food pairings and the appealing, bold font stands out to communicate with buyers in busy, retail spaces.

ICA beverages 2
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ICA beverages 3
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  • Letrista Script
  • Maritime Champion
  • Ultramarina




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  1. The slab is Maritime Champion.

    The condensed serif is Ultramarina.

  2. Very cool! Thanks for hunting these down, Luke.

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