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Afscheid nemen by Laurens De Keyzer

Contributed by Jan Middendorp on Feb 12th, 2018. Artwork published in .
Afscheid nemen by Laurens De Keyzer
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A book of interviews by the same writer as Zintuigen – the late Laurens De Keyzer. The Dutch/Flemish expression Afscheid nemen means “saying goodbye”, or parting. On the cover it says: “What does a farewell do to a person? How does a person handle a farewell? About taking leave from life, from a loved one, from one’s body, one’s job, one’s health, one’s success, one’s village, one’s addiction, one’s child…”

I took the picture of my old cardboard suitcase in my home office. It’s deliberatedly placed in a position where it disturbs the visual balance a little bit. It’s the luggage of a person who has just said goodbye and is departing, leaving an empty space.

I needed a typeface that had something literary and “lightly serious” about it, and I chanced upon Jim Rimmer’s lovely Albertan. A bit of Joanna, a bit of Scala, but distinctly different. I had already chosen it when it dawned upon me that the default dot on the ‘i’ is a tear. Pure serendipity. Once more, I found Fedra Sans a good match.


  • Albertan
  • Fedra Sans




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3 Comments on “Afscheid nemen by Laurens De Keyzer”

  1. Carl De Keyzer says:
    Feb 14th, 2018 8:59 am


    I’m afraid I’m not or was the brother of Laurens De Keyzer. I knew Laurens but we are/were not related.


    Carl De Keyzer

  2. Dear Carl,

    [text updated]
    Many thanks for getting back to us and for correcting this gaffe so quickly. Welgemeende excuses! Memories sometimes lie. The fake fact is being removed.

  3. Errors are the portals of discovery, right? Thank you for exposing me to Carl’s work, Jan!

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