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Ibsenfestival 2014

Contributed by JAF on Mar 27th, 2018. Artwork published in .
Ibsenfestival 2014 1
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Oslo National Theatre’s Ibsenfestival is a celebration of Henrik Johan Ibsen, the Norwegian playwright, theatre director, and poet. Through exciting performances, conversations, art meetings, children’s events and much more, the Ibsen Festival gives the audience different views on Ibsen, the human being and society. The identity, which was created by Andreas Red Skilhagen, features JAF Lapture.

The visual communication of Ibsenfestival 2016 was carried out by Gøril Johnstad Hansen which can be seen here.

Ibsenfestival 2014 2
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Ibsenfestival 2014 3
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  1. Uniform comments on the type choice:

    The typography is a clear reference to the time when Ibsen lived, which was a special period for the typographic development. Blackletter (Gothic and ornamental types) had long been the standard for printed text in large parts of Europe. This was eventually challenged by the simpler expression of roman types. The transition between, and in some cases the combination of, blackletter and roman can be witnessed in the visual design of some of Ibsen’s releases.

    For the identity of the Ibsen Festival we have used a typeface that combines the two expressions. This gives a distinctive and contemporary touch with historical references.

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