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Alien Magazine website

Contributed by Production Type on Apr 26th, 2018. Artwork published in
April 2018
    Alien Magazine website 1
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    Alien Magazine, an initiative led by Lisa H. Moura, just launched their open call for submissions for their first issue, which will explore the theme “Aliens of Extraordinary Ability”.

    Their website is designed by young studio Frau im Mond with Mars Extended and crazy CSS effects.

    Alien Magazine website 2
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    Alien Magazine website 3
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    Alien Magazine website 4
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    2 Comments on “Alien Magazine website”

    1. Right on! According to the original rules, though, an LTypI proper —

      must match/include the typeface name, or most of it. Alternative spellings (Baohaus in Bauhaus, Goudy for Gaudí) or anagrams (Hobo for BoHo, Esra in Eras) are accepted, too.

      I’d argue that subtler finds like this one are often the funniest. In this case, the extraterrestrial references even extend to the studio’s name!

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