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Contributed by Laïc: Type Foundry on Apr 28th, 2018. Artwork published in
circa April 2018
    PAK.IN 1
    License: All Rights Reserved.

    Justyna Radziej redesigned the identity and visual communication for the PAK.IN brand. The aesthetics of the PAK.IN products is very pure, so she decided to use Prostak – a pure, geometric sans serif with a rather friendly look. In the 2018 lookbook, Prostak is combined with simple geometry and beautiful product pictures. This plays well with a feeling of space as well as balance, creating a rather dynamic appearance.

    PAK.IN is a Polish brand designing and sewing special backpacks, bags and other accessories. They focus on functionality during a long work day or trip. They use modern machines yet do the finishing by hand. High quality materials are used to ensure their product is as long-lasting as possible.

    PAK.IN 2
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    PAK.IN 3
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    PAK.IN 4
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    PAK.IN 5
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    PAK.IN 6
    PAK.IN. License: All Rights Reserved.


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    3 Comments on “PAK.IN”

    1. Julia Quevedo says:
      Apr 30th, 2018  8:06 pm

      The font “Prostak” doesn’t exist. At least in my Google Search…

    2. Apr 30th, 2018  9:14 pm

      Hi Julia,

      when it comes to fonts, Fonts In Use sometimes is ahead of Google. Please follow the link to our typeface page: Prostak is an upcoming release from the fledgling Laïc type foundry in Poland, scheduled for later this year.

    3. May 1st, 2018  8:09 am

      Just as Florian mentioned, Prostak is soon to come. We currently share our fonts with designers on request, while working on our retail shop.

      Thank you for your comment,

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