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New Freedom Ad, 1973

Contributed by mhinrichs on Sep 20th, 2012. Artwork published in .
    License: All Rights Reserved.

    Ad for New Freedom sanitary napkins from McCall’s magazine, March 1973.


    • Kabel Black
    • ITC Avant Garde Gothic




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    5 Comments on “New Freedom Ad, 1973”

    1. Sep 21st, 2012  12:30 am

      That’s not ITC Kabel, it’s Koch’s original Kabel Black. ITC didn’t do their version until 1976.

    2. Sep 22nd, 2012  5:59 pm

      I tried to comment on this a couple of days ago, but the comment was deleted or something…

      Anyway, it’s not ITC Kabel, it’s the older version, specifically Kabel Black. The ITC version wasn’t released until 1976 and looks quite different. 

    3. Sep 22nd, 2012  6:58 pm

      Our excuses, we were a little slow with the comment moderation.

    4. Sep 22nd, 2012  7:58 pm

      Cool, thanks!

      Sorry for being such a pest, but the one on the Patagonia page should be Kabel Black as well……

    5. Sep 22nd, 2012  11:57 pm
      No pest at all, thanks for the heads-up! Changing is easy now that I made a custom Kabel Black sample anyway :) Please continue to keep a sharp eye on the site.

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