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T Magazine, “The Life Of The Mind”, Nov 2014

Contributed by Matthijs Sluiter on May 23rd, 2018. Artwork published in
November 2014
    T Magazine, “The Life Of The Mind”, Nov 2014
    License: All Rights Reserved.

    T, The New York Times Style Magazine just sent us a sneak preview of their newest cover model: Philip Roth. He’s in handsome company, perhaps dangerously so. The last guy on the cover was Channing Tatum. But if Roth has that stressed, I-can’t-bear-to-look thing going on—anxiety chic—it’s not because he’s out of his depth in the modeling game. It’s because he’s been rereading his own work, always a dicey proposition. Specifically, he’s been rereading Portnoy’s Complaint, to which his reputation remains staked, many decades and nearly two dozen novels later.
    –– The Paris Review

    Schnyder is modestly dressed in grey and white in order to not stand in the way of this portrait of Philip Roth (by Inez & Vinoodh). At the same time, it will not skip the opportunity to add some of its extravagant personality to the cover. In this case, the designers of T, The New York Style Magazine — creative director Patrick Li and his team of Shawn Carney, Aurelie Pellissier, and Natalie Do — used one of Schnyder’s characteristics: the stem thickness in each weight is identical across the widths, an unusual feature that allows the widths to be mixed freely in headlines, even within single words.

    Originally drawn as a custom typeface in two weights and in three widths for T in 2013, Schnyder was expanded to a family with four widths and four optical sizes, and released as a retail font in the spring 2018.

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