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2012 US Presidential Debates Backdrop

Contributed by Stephen Coles on Oct 12th, 2012. Artwork published in
October 2012
    Photo © Getty Images. License: All Rights Reserved.

    The backdrop for the United States Presidential and Vice-Presidential debates featured the Bill of Rights set in Vivaldi, a script typeface that isn’t so much American as it is German or Canadian (designed by Friedrich Peter who was born in Germany and lives in Canada). More to the point, it brings to mind frilly wedding announcements more than it does the country’s founding documents. Perhaps some period-appropriate calligraphy or a Caslon would be more fitting.

    Source: Photo © Reuters. License: All Rights Reserved.
    Source: Photo © Reuters. License: All Rights Reserved.


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    3 Comments on “2012 US Presidential Debates Backdrop”

    1. Oct 12th, 2012  5:48 pm

      To complicate things, Friedrich Peter (with an e) originally is from Dresden, Germany, and moved to Canada in the 1950s. He has also designed a number of stamps, including one that celebrates the Canadian constitution.

    2. Oct 12th, 2012  5:56 pm

      Thanks for the insight and correction, Florian. I edited the post. Love those stamps! To me, his lettering is much more appealing than Vivaldi. Perhaps I’ve just seen the font misused and abused so often that it will always leave a taste of bad perfume in my mouth.

    3. André Mora says:
      Oct 13th, 2012  5:26 pm

      SNL followed up with ITC Edwardian Script.

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