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The Byrds – “Eight Miles High” single cover (Sundazed)

Contributed by John Sellards on Aug 10th, 2018. Artwork published in .
The Byrds – “Eight Miles High” single cover  (Sundazed)
Photo: John Sellards. License: All Rights Reserved.

First released in 1966, this is the Sundazed issue from 2017, featuring RCA Studios versions of tracks. While there are various versions of Gothic around, this was digitized from the Homage to the Alphabet sample shown as Winchester. Inserat Grotesk was digitized from a vintage print sample from a specimen book (cross-listed as Aurora Condensed).


  • Gothic (Nesbitt)
  • Haas Inserat-Grotesk / Neue Aurora VIII




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4 Comments on “The Byrds – “Eight Miles High” single cover (Sundazed)”

  1. John, I’ll be honest!

    I was almost recently tricked by one of your designs!

    You do brilliant homages!

  2. Love this updated version!

  3. Thank you all!

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