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The Wrong End of Time by John Brunner (DAW)

Contributed by soundclamp on Nov 23rd, 2018. Artwork published in
circa July 1973
The Wrong End of Time by John Brunner (DAW) 1
Source: DAW Books. Photo: otis_the_sf_guy (edited). License: All Rights Reserved.

Originally serialized in Amazing Stories (Nov. 1971, Jan. 1972), the hardcover edition was published by Doubleday in 1971. [Fantastic Fiction] The image above shows the first paperback edition, DAW No. 61, from July 1973, with cover art by Chris Foss. The typeface is Germanic Sans Extra Bold, designed by Acey Cypres for Headliners International, Inc.

From the back cover:

The time is the future. The place, an America so isolated by fear that it is cut off from the rest of the world by a massive defense system. Into this armed, barricaded state comes a young Russian scientist bearing a strange—and almost unbelievable story:

Superior, intelligent life—of a far higher order than any on earth—has been detected near the planet Pluto. Immune themselves by virtue of their far greater intelligence, these Aliens are about to destroy the planet Earth.

See also Thomas Anderson’s review on Schlock Value.

Cover of a reprint (from 1981?), with cover art by Rick Sternbach. The typeface is Tom Carnase’s ITC Busorama (1970).
Source: License: All Rights Reserved.

Cover of a reprint (from 1981?), with cover art by Rick Sternbach. The typeface is Tom Carnase’s ITC Busorama (1970).


  • Germanic Sans
  • ITC Busorama
  • Futura




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  1. Here’s a specimen of Germanic Sans, taken from the Headliners neo®-Phototype catalog, ©1978:

    Germanic Sans is a lesser known contribution to the wave of simplified sans serifs from the late 1960s and 1970s. It came with a number of round alternates similar to the glyphs found in Harry, Blippo, Pump, or ITC Bauhaus. Without those—like in the cover shown above—it looks like a wonky rendition of Kabel Black or similar, with a G reminiscent of Bernhard Gothic.

  2. And here’s another cover variation using ITC Busorama and artwork by Attilla Hejja (incorrectly credited as Atilla Hejja) that has absolutely no relation to the story at all.

    Cover of The Wrong End of TIme by John Brunner

    This is Canadian first printing, published by The New American Library of Canada Limited in 1973.

  3. Thanks for the addition, Grant!

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