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Hotel Brenner Stuttgart luggage label

Contributed by Florian Hardwig on Dec 23rd, 2018. Artwork published in
circa 1960
Hotel Brenner Stuttgart luggage label
Source: Art of the Label. License: All Rights Reserved.

This luggage label from the great collection of Tom Schifanella (Art of the Label) is probably from around 1960.

The three-dimensional bold italic Egyptienne was designed by the brothers Lenz, Eugen (1916–2004) and Max (1919–1998), and first cast by the Haas foundry in 1947 as Profil. The script is Roger Excoffon’s Diane. It was issued by Fonderie Olive in 1956—the same year that the Stuttgart TV Tower (depicted on the left) was placed in service.

Hotel Brenner was located close to the Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof (maybe on Friedrichstraße), which can be see in the background. The rotating and illuminated Mercedes-Benz star on top its tower (behind the second N) was mounted already in 1952.

Diane’s caps are so elaborately decorated with swirly strokes that the metal sorts were labeled with plain letters to avoid confusion. They later were amended with a simpler design. A specimen from 1974 shows both sets of caps. Diane has been revived several times; by Jason Walcott as Debonair JF (Jukebox, 2000, simple caps), by Thierry Puyfoulhoux as Diana (Présence Typo, 2004, original caps), and by Mark Simonson as Diane Script (GroupType, 2008, contains both sets of caps).

Profil was digitized by Bitstream as Decorated 035.


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  1. Hotels were one of the target audiences addressed in the Profil specimen designed by E. & M. Lenz VSG, Zürich. Letterhead, label and menu for Hotel Casino Basel:

    From “Bleisatzschriften des 20. Jahrhunderts international” by Hans Reichardt (ed.).

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