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Joseph Jarman – Song For… album art

Contributed by Stephen Coles on Jan 10th, 2019. Artwork published in .
Joseph Jarman – Song For… album art
Source: Image: Letterform Archive. License: All Rights Reserved.

Laini (née Sylvia Abernathy) designed several record covers for Chicago-based Delmark Records in the 1960s. She is one of the few African American women of the period to be credited as a designer.

Read more about Laini in a piece by Florence Fu at Letterform Archive:

Among her album designs, the cover for Joseph Jarman’s Song For… is the most elaborate and typographic, making modern use of antique typefaces, including the Victorian-era Relievo No. 2 (1879) and Windsor Outline (1904). Futura Black and Broadway form a dizzying text frame. Unlike other albums of the time that either take on a cool, mysterious attitude with tinted monochrome photography, or a bouncy, energetic character with kinetic type, Abernathy takes a different approach. By only using contrasting colors of red and green, she produces a vibrating, psychedelic effect where their edges meet — echoed by the optically-ambiguous mirrored portrait in the center.

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  1. Inside the Solotype’s Cheap Catalog of Hard-to-Find Headline Types, Catalog No. 12 (1979), Relievo No.2 is shown as Relievo (not to be confused with this similar name).

  2. I’ve got a link for more info on the font shown:

    Skyline Type Foundry has about 23 of them in stock right now.

  3. Thanks, Jay! I’ve added this info to the typeface page.

  4. 22 now. Just got a gift for a friend. Thanks, Jay!

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