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A. H. Herr, Mill Creek Dairy, Lancaster, Pa.

Photo(s) by Alan Mays. Imported from Flickr on Feb 11, 2019. Artwork published in
circa 1900
    A. H. Herr, Mill Creek Dairy, Lancaster, Pa.
    Source: Uploaded to Flickr by Alan Mays and tagged with “oldstylebold” and “pynson”. License: All Rights Reserved.

    A. H. Herr, Mill Creek Dairy.
    Pure milk and cream.
    Lancaster P.O., Pa.

    A late nineteenth- or early twentieth-century business card printed by David Bachman Landis, who operated Pluck Art Printery, which was later known as Landis Art Print. I haven’t uncovered any reference to a “Mill Creek Dairy,” but it’s possible that “A. H. Herr” was Aaron H. Herr (1880–1940), a farmer who lived in Manor Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

    The fonts in use are Gustav F. Schroeder’s Old Style Bold (Central Type Foundry, 1886) and Herman Ihlenburg’s Pynson (MacKellar, Smiths & Jordan, 1887). The same combination was used by Pluck Print for a ticket printed in 1894.


    • Old Style Bold
    • Pynson




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    2 Comments on “A. H. Herr, Mill Creek Dairy, Lancaster, Pa.”

    1. That OS Bold was digitized by Cédric Rossignol-Brunet of Fond de riz as Destra, with the lighter style from OS Expanded from a “French booklet about cars from the early 20th century.”

    2. Thanks, Jay. It’s definitely related, but not a direct digitization, see e.g. the bdpq shapes in the Bold. Maybe the French typeface used in the booklet exhibited these deviations, or maybe they were introduced by Cédric. The Light is further removed from Old Style Expanded.

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