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Black Zone Myth Chant & Humbros

Contributed by Arnaud Aubry on Feb 13th, 2019. Artwork published in
February 2019
Black Zone Myth Chant & Humbros 1
Source: Photo: Arnaud Aubry. Arnaud Aubry. License: All Rights Reserved.

I did this poster for an experimental music concert in Nantes that took place in Blockhaus DY10, a former bunker from World War II.

As the music of Black Zone Myth Chant is dark and ambient, I wanted to tell an occult tale with the image produced for this concert. I started to search through Art Nouveau fonts, to finally discover Eckmannpsych, an odd remix of Eckmann that would fit perfectly to my story. I also used Autopia, an experimental typeface that received its quirky calligraphic shapes by combining autotrace with python code. The black sun on the top is directly inspired from Eckmannpsych shapes, not the other way around.

Black Zone Myth Chant & Humbros 2
Source: License: All Rights Reserved.

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