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“Successful People” poster

Contributed by Derwyn Goodall on Mar 29th, 2019. Artwork published in
circa March 2019
    “Successful People” poster
    Photo: Derwyn Goodall. License: All Rights Reserved.

    Designing this poster was a result of a series of observations and reflections about “the idea of success”. To me, success is not measured in money and status, but in how people express and encourage tolerance, openness, love, compassion, caring, empathy and inclusiveness. The human race needs more of this in order to sustain itself. Zoo was used for the list, paired with Futura for small text.


    • Zoo
    • Futura




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    2 Comments on ““Successful People” poster”

    1. Donald says:
      Mar 29th, 2019  1:51 pm

      #2 (“Have an organized plan”) and #3 (“Stay focused on goals”) are the opposite of #8 (“Remember to live life in the moment”). Just sayin’ :)

    2. Mar 29th, 2019  2:12 pm

      Interesting point, thank you!

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