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Data Humanism: The Revolutionary Future of Data Visualization

Contributed by Caren Litherland on Jun 8th, 2019. Artwork published in .
Peak infographics: Giorgia Lupi for Print, 2017.
Source: License: All Rights Reserved.

Peak infographics: Giorgia Lupi for Print, 2017.

You won’t find much type in data humanist Giorgia Lupi’s work. Instead, you’ll find her hand. The newly minted Pentagram partner is on a quest to make data more tactile, more approachable—more qual than quant. If type is industrial design, handwriting is resolutely unrepeatable and nonindustrial. Lupi’s project as a whole seems like an implicit repudiation of type. When it makes a rare appearance, as David Jonathan RossInput Mono does in Lupi’s manifesto for Print, it’s crossed out in her neat red script.

Watch Giorgia Lupi talk about “Data to Design with” on June 15 at Typographics. Fonts In Use is proud to be a media partner of the conference. See more work by speakers of the 2019 edition.

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