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Old Pulteney

Contributed by Nick Shinn on Dec 11th, 2012.
    Photo: Nick Shinn. License: All Rights Reserved.

    Thanks to Michael Vaughan of Vintage Assessments for sharing.


    • Beaufort



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    2 Comments on “Old Pulteney”

    1. Dec 11th, 2012  10:05 pm


      I really liked using Beaufort when I worked at Hallmark, and as a trainer I told everyone I met to use it, too. 

      Looks great with all kinds of display lettering and has strong thins for printing in secondary processes — nearly perfect. 

      Go into a Hallmark shop or card dept and look around — you should see some Beaufort…

    2. Nick Shinn says:
      Feb 15th, 2013  9:17 pm

      Thanks Chris, it was far and away the biggest retail font sale we’d ever had, back in '05 when Hallmark licensed it, and that was definitely an inspiration to keep plugging away at the font business. Beaufort continues to sell, although it has never been a “best seller” on the charts—but I’ll take longevity over flash in the pan.

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