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“Animal Spirits” – Vulfpeck (personal redesign)

Contributed by Jack Grimes on Oct 21st, 2019. Artwork published in
September 2019
“Animal Spirits” – Vulfpeck (personal redesign)
Source: Photo: Jack Grimes. License: All Rights Reserved.

Alternate single art for “Animal Spirits” by Vulfpeck. Made as an experiment in digitally replicating the look of cheap, beer-box offset printing and “ink starve”, which took lots of layers and lots of masking textures, plus a cute little sticker from blkmarket.

I fell in love with Eckmannpsych, a psychedelic display face from OH no Type Co., as soon as I saw it, and considering OH no’s (and James Edmonson’s) relationship with Vulfpeck I thought it would be a great choice for some Vulf fan art, catching the current wave of 1970s revival psychedelic grunge and gritty textures. Kabel (well, Neue Kabel, since it was on Typekit) felt like a solid pairing choice considering its consistent weight and readability at such a small relative size.

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  1. The masking layers did a good job—if it weren’t for that flattened G I would’ve mistaken it for something like Twentieth Century or Futura.

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