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“Believe” Sign at Macy’s in Herald Square

Photo(s) by Nick ShermanImported from Flickr on Jan 2, 2013.
    Source: Uploaded to Flickr by Nick Sherman and tagged with “bickhamscript”. License: CC BY-NC-SA.

    As I photographed this sign, I noticed several passing tourists look at me, then up at the sign, then back at me in a puzzled way. As I carried on my away, I turned back to see them all pull out their own cameras and start photographing the sign as well. In a matter of 10 seconds there were suddenly no fewer than 10 people all aiming their cameras up.

    Macy’s; Herald Square, Manhattan


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    3 Comments on ““Believe” Sign at Macy’s in Herald Square”

    1. Brett says:
      Jan 2nd, 2013  5:04 pm

      Sometimes, all ya gotta do is look up.

    2. Jan 2nd, 2013  6:46 pm

      I’ve been in this very situation before, but never with so many followers. Love it.

    3. Jan 2nd, 2013  6:59 pm

      This is so beautiful. Ditto what Stephen said. I usually just get the weird looks and double takes, especially when I’m taking a close up picture of a manhole cover in the middle of a street. Good for you for getting people to notice!

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