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Through What Stage Are We Passing? by L.D. Trotsky

Photo(s) by Make It Old. Imported from Flickr on Nov 20, 2019. Artwork published in .
Through What Stage Are We Passing? by L.D. Trotsky
Source: Uploaded to Flickr by Make It Old and tagged with “grotesqueno9” and “gillsans”. License: CC BY-NC-SA.

Cover for a booklet with a speech held by Leon Trotsky at the 5th All-Union Congress of Medical and Veterinary Workers, June 21, 1924.

“The British monarchy, hypocritical British conservatism, religiosity, servility, sanctimoniousness—all this is old rags, rubbish, the refuse of centuries, which we have no need for whatsoever.”

This edition was published by New Park, London in 1965; reprinted from Fourth International [London], Summer 1964; and translated by Brian Pearce in 1960. The title is set in Grotesque No. 7, a bold member of Stephenson Blake’s series of Condensed & Elongated Sans Serifs, with one word per line. The name features italic caps from Grotesque No. 9, and the small type is in right-aligned Gill Sans.

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