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Pizza Worm

Contributed by tabmok99 on Dec 1st, 2019. Artwork published in .
    Pizza Worm 1
    Photo: tabmok99. License: All Rights Reserved.

    Developed by Finnish programmer Sami Lehtinen AKA Zorlim, Pizza Worm is a pizza-themed variation of the Snake game, released in 1994 for the DOS platform. Comix (see Cartoon 12) is used for the lettering on the counter of “Zorlim’s Pizza parlor”. The High Scores headline features another font that was available in DeluxePaint where it was named Tuxedo [a copy of Rangers 18, see comments]. Both fonts have been converted for contemporary use by codeman38.

    Pizza Worm 2
    Photo: tabmok99. License: All Rights Reserved.


    • Cartoon 12
    • Rangers 18




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    2 Comments on “Pizza Worm

    1. Dec 8th, 2019  1:16 am

      While doing the research on the Cartoon font, I discovered that Tuxedo is also derived from a Mac bitmap font, this one by the name of “Rangers”:

      Screencap of Mac OS 7 font viewer showing the Rangers font

      However, unlike Cartoon, I’ve had no luck finding any credits for who originally designed it.

    2. Dec 8th, 2019  9:14 am

      Oh, that’s great! Thanks for sharing, Cody.

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