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Asphalt Gardens – George Howard

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Asphalt Gardens – George Howard 1
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Asphalt Gardens is the debut album by American smooth jazz saxophonist George Howard (1956–1998), released by Palo Alto Jazz in 1982. Cover design by Joan Ingoldsby Brown, with art direction by Herb Wong, photography by Craig Street, and a typeface conceived by Swedish illustrator and stamp designer Tom Hultgren. The lowercase-only Traffic was selected in a competition held by Letraset in 1973.

Back cover with track names and credits set in .
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Back cover with track names and credits set in ITC Kabel.


  • Traffic
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  1. Joan Ingoldsby Brown (1932–2012) was a Cooper Union graduate. From her obituary:

    Joan designed everything from Holly Sugar packets to baseball billboards. […] Among a long list of her creations is the Palo Alto Unified School System Image and Logo. Her creative artist skills have helped build many successful, nationally-known Bay Area companies. An accomplished photographer, she exhibited many professional images in black and white, thematically protesting man’s destruction of the world’s animal habitats with trash and pollution. […] She loved progressive jazz, classical music, Irish dancing and bluegrass, and delighted being around people who cared about art.

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