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Lustwarande – Delirious

Contributed by gebr. Silvestri on Jan 9th, 2020. Artwork published in
circa June 2019
Lustwarande – Delirious 1
Photo: gebr. Silvestri. License: All Rights Reserved.

Logical is the identity typeface for Lustwarande, used both online and in printed matter. From a previous post about the Lustwarande poster series:

After almost twenty-five years of visual art projects in varying segments of public space, the Fundament Foundation has opted for a permanent location, a ‘home’: park De Oude Warande in Tilburg. From 2016 on, exhibitions and other art projects are staged at this location on an annual basis, with the aim to develop this important cultural heritage into an internationally recognized stage for contemporary sculpture: Lustwarande – Platform for Contemporary Sculpture.

Lustwarande keeps up with international developments. Research and experiment, site-specificity and temporariness play key roles in the foundation’s policy. A large number of art works are produced by Lustwarande. In some cases these are international co-productions.

Identity and posters are designed by the Amsterdam-based brothers Adrian and Stefan Silvestri aka. gebr. Silvestri.

Lustwarande – Delirious 2
Source: License: All Rights Reserved.


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