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Contributed by Lisha (Riisa) Liao on Feb 29th, 2020. Artwork published in
February 2020
Photo: Lisha (Riisa) Liao. License: All Rights Reserved.

PULP, the Pop-Up Lab for Papermaking, is a hypothetical pop-up workshop event designed to promote the idea of paper recycling in our daily life as well as to provide a place for people to experience the craftsmanship of papermaking. The pulp defines the nature of the paper. From recycled materials to the pulp, from pulp to the final paper, the handmade texture brings transform to life. To convey the ideas and engage more people from the urban area, PULP focuses on the concept of processing, lab, and transforming.

Following the idea of Arts & Crafts, the font chosen for the logo is Jürgen Huber’s Hothouse (Supertype). Designed in 2001 for The Glasgow School of Art, it’s inspired by the lettering of Charles Rennie Mackintosh. Hothouse is paired with the reverse-contrast sans Gopher (Adam Ladd, 2019) for text.

This is a personal project created for portfolio purposes only, and no parts were used commercially. For more images, please visit the project page on Behance.

Photo: Lisha (Riisa) Liao. License: All Rights Reserved.

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