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“Ojibwa” / “Namid” – Fabrizio Fattore

Contributed by Altiplano Typefaces on Mar 4th, 2020. Artwork published in
February 2020
    “Ojibwa” / “Namid” – Fabrizio Fattore 1
    Nathan Meyer. License: All Rights Reserved.

    “Ojibwa”  / “Namid” by Fabrizio Fattore, Resident DJ of NEUHM (Italy), is the 30th release by British/Swiss record label Visions Recordings.

    Ojibwa’s journey into deepness, its spacey sounds and percussions, are embodied in Nirvana’s atom-like letterforms used on the label. The outlined letters enhance the retrofuturistic ambiance.

    The design of Nirvana (Altiplano) is based on eclectic references, from Art Nouveau and calligraphy to contemporary blobular and rounded forms, which makes it a nice match for contemporary composite music.

    From the Altiplano website:

    With its Arts & Crafts/medieval fantasy based structure, revisited with circular shapes and pop twists, Nirvana ensures clear readings and at the same time bold contemporary solutions for headlines and posters.

    At small sizes, Nirvana’s profile is still literary. But the closer we look, the smoother the curves and the stranger the vibe. Arts & Crafts meets aliens? Max Bill meets William Morris? Victorians on drugs? In type paradise, anything goes.

    “Ojibwa” / “Namid” – Fabrizio Fattore 2
    Nathan Meyer. License: All Rights Reserved.


    • Nirvana
    • Helvetica




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