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F. Ménard meats

Contributed by Nick Sherman on Jan 19th, 2013. Artwork published in .
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    Branding for a producer of pork and poultry products, seen on Brand New.

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    • Brothers
    • FF Kievit
    • Vitesse
    • Sans Merci




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    5 Comments on “F. Ménard meats”

    1. Matt Steel says:
      Jan 21st, 2013  10:37 pm

      This is lovely overall. But Kievit feels like an anomaly in this setting. I get the combination of Brothers and Vitesse, but it seems the sans serif wants to be more geometric, e.g. Futura, Avenir, Calibre, or Verlag.


      Nick – I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on this.

    2. Jan 22nd, 2013  8:44 pm

      Kievit fits just fine. Sure, Futura is more expected, especially in America, but that is what makes this design special. It’s not a blind follower of the Hip Traditional style.

    3. Nick Sherman says:
      Jan 23rd, 2013  6:12 am

      I would probably have used something less humanist than Kievit. Either that or I would have pushed it further in the other direction and picked a more traditional serif face to contrast against the others. Kievit is humanist, but still too bland and monoline to create enough contrast. On the other hand, it’s humanist forms aren’t static enough to fit harmoniously into the palette with the other faces (for that effect, your suggestions would have worked better).

      But all that aside, if I were to file any one complaint with the choice of Kievit, it is just that the face is totally boring. That’s not to say that every typeface you ever use has to be overflowing with character, or that Kievit isn’t well made (on the contrary, I’m sure it is very well crafted). But, personally, Kievit just leaves me wanting for something else to hook me, to stir my heart in some way.

      Regardless, the overall design is already far above the majority of branding design today, so any issues I have are merely nitpicks in the grand scheme of things.


    4. Jan 23rd, 2013  10:03 pm

      Functional and “boring” can be the right way to go when next to faces with strong character like Brothers and Vitesse. To me, that’s where the contrast is here.

    5. MIke Abbink says:
      Mar 7th, 2013  12:50 am

      I agree with Stephen! Kievit is a nice contrast and works well. Is it the best choice? Maybe not but it’s surely not a bad choice. ; {D

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