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Southwest Airlines

Photo(s) by Stephen ColesImported from Flickr on Jan 9, 2012.
    Source: Uploaded to Flickr by Stephen Coles and tagged with “helvetica”. License: CC BY-NC-SA.

    Southwest by Southwest by Southwest


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    2 Comments on “Southwest Airlines”

    1. Eric Ebacher says:
      Jul 26th, 2016  7:27 pm

      Southwest Airlines recently changed their typeface from Helvetica to a font based off of the typeface Ubuntu; the current font is called Southwest Sans.

    2. Jul 27th, 2016  7:43 pm

      Thanks for reminding us of the identity update, Eric! While Southwest Sans has similarlities to Ubuntu (mostly in that it has spurless forms for ‘a,b,d,u’), it goes too far to say it is “based on” it. The custom face (designed by Monotype in connection with Lippincott’s rebranding work) has as much in common with Myriad or FF Daxline as it does Ubuntu. It’s really not derived from any specific design; it’s more of a hybrid of various popular contemporary genres.

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