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“Andrà Tutto Bene” poster

Contributed by Kaspar Allenbach on Apr 10th, 2020. Artwork published in
March 2020
“Andrà Tutto Bene” poster 1
Photo: Kaspar Allenbach. License: All Rights Reserved.

Because I’m crazy bored (I can only watch so much Netflix) I tinkered with the Italian persevere parole ‘Andrà tutto bene’ (“Everything’s gonna be alright”). As we’re all in this Covid-19 crisis together I translated the sentence into other languages (All languages are translated by peers. No Google Translate).

For the main Italian one, I used Graphik Condensed (XX, Bold) because it has just more oomph than IBM Plex. I used IBM Plex Sans because it has a wide variety of glyphs plus Hebrew support. Chinese is set in Source Han Sans. I couldn’t find one that has all these plus Arabic, so I resorted to Geeza for Arabic. I have no idea how to set Arabic alongside the Latin alphabet, so I just did something ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

This poster uses four sans-serif typefaces which you should not do. Or should you? The used languages are Italian, German, English, Russian, Swiss German, Spanish, French, Hebrew, Lingala (Congo), Chinese, Hungarian, Arabic.

I’m sorry if your language is not among them. This was just what I was able to get my hands on within the last 24h within my friends. If you want your language seen as well, send me a message. You can get a poster in my online shop. Jup, I’m more or less without any freelance work at this point.

“Andrà Tutto Bene” poster 2
Photo: Kaspar Allenbach. License: All Rights Reserved.

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