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“Our Letters Kick Your Letters’ Ass 24/7” poster

Contributed by Matt Kelsey on May 11th, 2020. Artwork published in
circa 2012
“Our Letters Kick Your Letters’ Ass 24/7” poster 1
Photo: Matt Kelsey. License: All Rights Reserved.

Letterpress printed poster, about 12″×18″, from Anonima Impressori in Bologna, Italy, using wood type and metal type from their collection.

The wood type appears to be a version of ITC Avant Garde Gothic Condensed, cut by Xilografia Italiana circa 1970s, according to the online specimen of the Anonima Impressori collection. In small type the typefaces are identified as Arenzano (Avant Garde Gothic Condensed) and Forma. The specimen of Arenzano is shown on page 5 of the PDF linked on their website, identifying the producer of the wood type as Xilografia Italiana.

In the background is a single large and bold glyph A, taken printed from a yet unidentified geometric (wood) typeface. [It’s probably Semplicità, see comments.—ed.]

“Our Letters Kick Your Letters’ Ass 24/7” poster 2
Source: License: All Rights Reserved.


  • ITC Avant Garde Gothic Condensed
  • Forma
  • Semplicità




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2 Comments on ““Our Letters Kick Your Letters’ Ass 24/7” poster”

  1. The /A on the background definitely looks as one of the woodtype adaptations of Butti’s Semplicità. I think there are some unauthorized, but if I recall correctly Nebiolo had its own in their woodtype catalog.

  2. Grazie, Claudio, that’s indeed plausible! Added.

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