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“Alive with pleasure!” Newport ad

Contributed by Fonts In Use Staff on May 10th, 2020. Artwork published in .
“Alive with pleasure!” Newport ad
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“He’s got a sword and two girlfriends” — @Coochiebone

Ad by the Lorillard Tobacco Company for the Newport brand of menthol cigarettes, featuring two very similar typefaces: Cooper Black for the big text at the top, and Goudy Heavyface for “After all, if smoking isn’t a pleasure, why bother?”. Both are used in unidentified swash italics versions. The former is similar to a phototype version named Cooper Black Italic Flair, but exhibits a number of differences. The latter isn’t identical with Goudy Fancy.

@CuteDogPics4 comments: “I can’t look at something like this without imaging Don Draper coming up with it out of nowhere, drink in hand, after being mentally absent for a whole meeting”

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  1. In 2011, Ray Cruz was commissioned by Avrett Free Ginsburg to design a typeface based on the Newport Pleasure logo.

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