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Enter Via Laundry website

Contributed by Anna Topalidou on Jun 7th, 2020. Artwork published in
April 2020
    Enter Via Laundry website 1
    Source: Anna Topalidou. License: All Rights Reserved.

    Enter Via Laundry is a unique experience of inspiring food, stories and company, shared in a homely environment. Ten guests—each with a passion for food and meeting others—are brought together for the first time to enjoy an exciting and unexpected evening.

    Ancient techniques, contemporary recipes with an authentic influence, local produce and a passion for illuminating the culture of food – this is where everything comes together to share around an open table.

    Founder Helly Raichura engaged me to assist with a brand strategy, visual identity and new website ahead of her appearance as a guest judge on the popular TV series Masterchef. I created an identity that reflects the sophistication and unexpected aspect of the Enter Via Laundry concept while remaining welcoming and inclusive. Off-beat collage illustration, artistic typography and an earthy colour palette express Enter Via Laundry’s values to enjoy and share an unexpected and authentic cultural experience.

    The Art Nouveau typeface Morion offers an artistic, decorative and culturally rich touch. Morion is counterbalanced by geometric, neo-grotesque typeface Calibre.

    Enter Via Laundry website 2
    Source: Anna Topalidou. License: All Rights Reserved.
    Enter Via Laundry website 3
    Source: Anna Topalidou. License: All Rights Reserved.
    Enter Via Laundry website 4
    License: All Rights Reserved.


    • Morion
    • Calibre




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    1 Comment on “Enter Via Laundry website”

    1. Visitors of the masterchef’s website will get their Morion served with the standard system sans serif font instead of Anna’s choice, Calibre. This happens with various projects and for various reasons — this website is another case in point where the result would have been tastier if the client or developer would have been willing to invest in a better result through better ingredients (fonts).

    2. In my case, Chrome does not only use the fallback sans serif, but displays a faux “Black” version of Morion too.

      On a side note I would also suggest not to use the stylistic sets for /a and /o in a setting this small.

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