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Poirot Series 1 DVD set

Contributed by Stephen Coles on Mar 8th, 2013. Artwork published in .
    Poirot Series 1 DVD set
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    Mark SImonson:

    Back in 1991, I designed a series of packages for the American release of London Weekend Television’s Poirot series on VHS. (My design is above on the left.) As part of the design, I drew the name “POIROT” in a geometric Art Deco style, which I thought was fitting for the series.

    The other day, I happened to see the latest incarnation of the series packaging (above on the right) and noticed that the designer had set the title in one of my fonts, Mostra, which I never noticed before is pretty similar to my 1991 lettering design.

    I wonder if they knew?


    • Mostra Nuova
    • Grand Central
    • Gill Sans




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    4 Comments on “Poirot Series 1 DVD set”

    1. Shouldn’t we also mention the use of Gill Sans on both covers?

    2. Thanks, Jake! Added.

    3. Knut I. Tønsberg says:
      Mar 8th, 2021 3:24 pm

      Your Poirot-design is very good looking and I have been looking for the fonts for some time before finding this page. Hope to use Mostra Nuova in the future!

    4. Sergio Spelta says:
      Nov 2nd, 2021 9:48 am

      My compliments, indeed!

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