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Colourcode Game

Contributed by Darden Studio on Jul 21st, 2020. Artwork published in .
    Colourcode Game 1
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    Halyard Micro is the typeface of choice for Colourcode.

    The Micro subfamily of Darden Studio’s Halyard is deceptively versatile. With its robust shapes and large apertures, text set in Halyard Micro is perfectly readable down to 4pt. The pinched shoulders and deep notches (also know as “ink traps” or “light wells”) make sure that joints stay crisp – in print as well as on screen. When used at small sizes it is designed to look to the human eye like how the Display and Text look at their intended sizes.

    However, Halyard Micro is also designed to function as an eye-catching display face (that doesn’t blend in at all with its siblings) when used at larger sizes. That’s what Xinlei Qi, Jasmin Cziborra, and Elisabeth Scheer did when they designed the Colourcode website. The three Interaction Design students used Halyard Micro for everything from the logo to headlines, text, and user interface elements like input fields and buttons.

    Colourcode aims to find out about the perceived properties of colors with the help of machine learning. By playing a game, visitors can contribute data which is used to train a neural network. The project is made at the Univer­sity of Design Schwä­bisch Gmünd, Germany.

    Colourcode Game 2
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    Colourcode Game 3
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    Colourcode Game 4
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    Colourcode Game 5
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    Colourcode Game 6
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