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“Something Here Just Isn’t Working!” illustration

Contributed by Matthijs Herzberg on Jul 17th, 2020. Artwork published in
July 2020
“Something Here Just Isn’t Working!” illustration
Source: Davey Constable. License: All Rights Reserved.

Artist and designer Davey Constable of Crush Club Press has mastered a style that is hard to quantify, yet recognizable by anybody as a nostalgia-inducing mishmash of sixties, seventies, and eighties graphics that remind one of T-shirts worn, toys owned, and magazines read in the golden haze that is our childhood memories.

The difference, upon reading the text, is clearly in the message: Davey uses his style primarily for comedic and political purposes in a fresh, refined take on memes and dark millennial humor.

For the type, Davey combined Franziska Weitgruber’s angular script Gig (2018) with the recently released Bonkus, used in all caps. Bonkus (Matthijs Herzberg, 2020) is a geometric sans-serif typeface with a funky touch, inspired by the “Roundo” typefaces from the 1970s such as Blippo and ITC Ronda.

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