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Spotify brand and website

Contributed by Stephen Coles on Mar 29th, 2013. Artwork published in .
Spotify brand and website 1
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Music streaming service Spotify has updated their look, moving away from their bouncy, somewhat amateurish startup logo to something more staid. The logotype is Gotham with a custom ‘fy’ ligature, and a round ‘i’ dot replacing the original square one. It’s always interesting to see how much a simple tittle change can affect the feel of a typeface.

The website uses Proxima Nova, a common online alternative to the more well known Gotham which is not yet available for web use. Despite their obvious similarities, these faces each have their own approach and qualities. Most folks don’t realize that Proxima Sans (the precursor of Nova) preceded Gotham by several years. Mark Simonson just posted an interesting article about the typeface’s first use.

(Hat tip to Bill Dawson.)

Spotify brand and website 2
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Spotify brand and website 3
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Spotify brand and website 4
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Spotify brand and website 5
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  • Gotham
  • Proxima Nova



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10 Comments on “Spotify brand and website”

  1. Besides the logotype, are any other elements using something other than a variation of Proxima Nova?
  2. Not on this page, as far as I can see. Keep in mind this is only, not the app which (on OS X, at least) uses Helvetica and Lucida Grande.

  3. darby says:
    Apr 3rd, 2014 5:10 pm

    Anyone know what the new font is for the redesign spotify just released? Avenir?

  4. darby — Not sure which part of the service you mean. Proxima Nova is still used on the Spotify site, and the Mac app still uses Lucida Grande and Helvetica.

  5. I would like too to find the font used for the pictures of playlists especially the TREND Playlistme. Thanks.

  6. Jimmy says:
    Apr 6th, 2016 2:42 pm
    They changed it to Circular apparently.
  7. Correct — we even have an entry covering that change, but forgot to point to it from here. Thanks, Jimmy!

  8. Actually, the font is called Spotify Circular.

  9. That’s mostly branding, though: design-wise, the main difference between the retail version and Spotify’s custom version (as currently used on the website) seems to be that in the latter, numerals reach the height of capital letters. That’s a feature (now) available in the retail version of LL Circular via an OpenType feature, see Stylistic Set 8.

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