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Eastern Divide Oktoberfest Stein

Contributed by Meaghan Dee on Sep 23rd, 2020. Artwork published in
September 2020
    Eastern Divide Oktoberfest Stein 1
    Photo: Meaghan Dee. License: All Rights Reserved.
    Eastern Divide Oktoberfest Stein 2
    Photo: Meaghan Dee. License: All Rights Reserved.


    • Clavichord




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    3 Comments on “Eastern Divide Oktoberfest Stein”

    1. First spotting of Clavichord in the wild!

      It’s interesting to learn that the American use of the term stein extends to glassware. In the original German meaning, a Stein (literally “stone”) is a beer mug made out of stoneware. If this mug can hold (exactly) one liter, it’s a Maß (or Maßkrug) in German – Maß meaning “measure”.

    2. Thomas Rettig says:
      Dec 23rd, 2020 12:26 pm

      It seems that the real-life usage on the beer glass seems to have lesser stroke contrast than the digital font file. Strange. I’m guessing it could have been due to some ink bleeding or a faux bold.

    3. Good eye! Clavichord does come in three optical sizes; Small, Medium, and Large styles (plus a variable font with Optical Size axis). But yes, even the “Small” version is quite delicate. There’s a good chance that the designer added a slight stroke, so that the letterforms hold up when being (screen?) printed on the mugs.

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