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“A XXI Century Witch”, Vogue Spain

Contributed by Altiplano Typefaces on Nov 26th, 2020. Artwork published in
October 2020
“A XXI Century Witch”, Vogue Spain 1
License: All Rights Reserved.

Naranjo-Etxberria designed the title and credits for Vogue Spain’s Halloween fashion film. Directed by Javier Cortés, A XXI Century Witch makes a modern interpretation of magic showing how a witch could be in our time.

Spain Creative Agency wrote about why choosing Millionaire Italic:

Making an analogy with this reinterpretation of the past, we have chosen the Millionaire Italic typeface. Designed by Altiplano, it is inspired by the George Bickham The Elder’s sophisticated handwriting and engravings from XVII and XVIII century but with a modern and contemporary vision.

Times is used for subtitles and end credit.

“A XXI Century Witch”, Vogue Spain 2
License: All Rights Reserved.

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