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“DYKE” hankies by WMN

Contributed by Franziska Weitgruber on Dec 15th, 2020. Artwork published in .
    “DYKE” hankies by WMN 1
    Sara Duell. License: All Rights Reserved.

    Lesbian poetry and art publication WMN made a range of handkerchiefs as a nod to the hanky code originated in part by legendary ’80s lesbian erotica magazine On Our Backs. Each color signifies a sexual preference or identifier and worn in a back pocket flags those to other dykes. Designer Sara Duell chose Franziska Weitgruber’s Nikolai because of its bold feel and unapologetic style which pairs well with the elegant illustration by Caitlin Clingman.

    “DYKE” hankies by WMN 2
    Florencia Alvarado. License: All Rights Reserved.
    “DYKE” hankies by WMN 3
    Florencia Alvarado. License: All Rights Reserved.

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