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New West, September 10, 1979

Contributed by Stephen Coles on Apr 22nd, 2013. Artwork published in .
    New West, September 10, 1979
    Image via Roger Black. License: All Rights Reserved.

    It is possible that this custom Kennerley, originally designed by Frederic Goudy, was adapted for phototypesetting by Jim Parkinson for Roger Black.


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    5 Comments on “New West, September 10, 1979”

    1. Apr 22nd, 2013  11:38 pm

      Oh, this is a classic. Couldn’t get it in color?

    2. Apr 23rd, 2013  1:10 am

      Found it at the AIGA Design Archives. They had only black and white. If you have a copy it is most welcome!

    3. Apr 23rd, 2013  3:16 am

      I could swear I remember seeing it in color. The only thing I could find was also in black and white, in the AIGA USA: 1 design annual. I have the feeling that the stuff they’re posting was scanned from those old annuals.

      There’s another Roger Black design on the same spread, a Rolling Stone cover also drawn by Jim Parkinson, also shown in black and white. But I have a copy of that and it’s printed in at least three colors, including bright red and silver.

      I’ll let you know if I find it.

    4. Jul 7th, 2014  5:24 pm

      Replaced the image with a color one, courtesy Roger Black.

    5. Roger Black says:
      Aug 26th, 2015  4:03 pm

      Was just talking to Parkinson about this version of Kennerley. He did four styles for New West, and we made two-inch film fonts for the Phototypositor starting with a paste-up of PMT copies of Jim’s drawings. We worked double size, with guides for the trim, so that the baselines were preserved. Then we made a 50 percent litho film of the whole thing, cut it up, and taped it together with that red stripping tape.

      The spacing was up to the operator of the VGC machine. Hey, it was the 70s!

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