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Typefounders of Phoenix invoice (1962)

Contributed by Matt Kelsey on Dec 28th, 2020. Artwork published in
June 1962
    Typefounders of Phoenix invoice (1962)
    Photo: Matt Kelsey. License: CC BY-NC-SA.

    This invoice from Typefounders of Phoenix was tucked inside a type case of metal handset 14 point Fargo caps.

    The “typefounders” logotype uses lowercase letters from Filmotype Army. The invoice appears to be set in Twentieth Century or other Futura variant. Interestingly, the invoice details appear to be typed in a matching Futura variant which appears to be IBM Selectric Mid-Century. The IBM Selectric was introduced just the previous year to this invoice in 1961. IBM Mid-Century is shown in a 1964 NOMDA catalog.

    The 1962 purchaser of this font was located in Los Gatos, CA. The same Fargo metal font is now in a print shop about five miles away in Saratoga, CA.


    • Filmotype Army
    • Twentieth Century
    • Mid-Century




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    3 Comments on “Typefounders of Phoenix invoice (1962)”

    1. You can see the Fargo typeface in use in an APHA invitation typeset and printed by Matt in 2019. It is actually printed from the very type for which the invoice was issued.

    2. First I had heard of Mid-Century, Matt, Thanks! I wonder if the name refers more directly to Twentieth Century than Futura.

    3. And now I see that’s what you meant, sorry.

    4. Matt Kelsey says:
      Feb 12th, 2021 12:02 am

      There is some doubt about the dates of IBM proportional fonts from what I have been told, but for now that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! This invoice was definitely typewritten in a Futura-ish typeface, in 1962 no less.

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