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“A Queen In Every Girl” poster for SubTone

Contributed by Jarr Geerligs on Jan 12th, 2021. Artwork published in
April 2010
“A Queen In Every Girl” poster for SubTone
Planet Jarr. License: All Rights Reserved.

Taking Tango for a tango.

Sometimes I think Tango is not that nice of a font. Bulgy. Clonky. But it has playfulness in it. On Queen’s Day (now King’s Day), there are always great parties in Amsterdam. And to celebrate it a bit more than just for our Queen I created the title: “A Queen In Every Girl”. I like the way things grab into each other. Like a face and body does. When you like someone’s nose it fits with the jaw and eyes. Everybody is a complete fitting whole. A monarch of their own being. To add some more festivity to the design I added the colorfull bubble gum.

Included in IdN Extra 08, “Typo/Graphic Posters”.

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