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Disc Color 1978

Contributed by Matthijs Herzberg on Jan 10th, 2021. Artwork published in
December 2020
Disc Color 1978
Source: Roberlan Paresqui. License: All Rights Reserved.

Illustration and typography by Brazilian artist and vector enthusiast Roberlan Paresqui, mixing late 70s and 80s design aesthetics with a touch of surrealism. Stylistically, Roberlan’s graphic conveys many of the qualities of VHS covers from decades past, but it uses all-new fonts: the chromium type is Matthijs Herzberg’s Bonkus, a contemporary reinterpretation of the 1970s “bent-tube” typefaces like ITC Bauhaus and ITC Ronda, as well as David Jonathan Ross’ condensed sans Bild here used to squeeze as much type into a narrow space as possible for the number 1978.

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