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Affect Your Emotions Through Music album art

Contributed by Florian Hardwig on Jul 4th, 2021. Artwork published in
circa 1965
Affect Your Emotions Through Music album art 1
Source: Uploaded to Flickr by Jim’s Record Barn. License: All Rights Reserved.

Neue Aurora VIII is not only compressed, it also stands for depressed. And melancholy, tragic, sad. The wider and bolder Neue Aurora IX, however, is gay, happy, bright, and joyous (certainly when used with alternating line colors). At least that’s what Jules Maidoff’s cover design for the ISO/VECT record series suggests.

Developed by Dr. Leo Shatin (1919–2019), Professor of Clinical Psychology, and released around 1965, the three records with uplifting orchestral music are supposed to “affect your emotions through music”. From the back cover:

1. Select that Record and Side which matches your unpleasurable feeling-tone, the tone you decide to change, and play it up to and through the completion of the desired affective musical experience.
2. Should you desire the gay and joyous music without requiring the preparatory vectoring, then you can immediately turn to Record One, Side 2. Similarly for the tranquil and serene music of Record Two, Side 2 and the inspiring music of Record 3, Side 2.
REMEMBER: Record One, Side 1 sad into joyous. Record Two, Side 1 restless into tranquil, Side 2 tranquil and pleasurable. Record Three, Side 1 listless/lonely into active/alert; and Record Three, Side 2 active/alert changed into majestic.
– Leo Shatin, Ph.D.

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Affect Your Emotions Through Music album art 2
Source: crossroads880 (edited). License: All Rights Reserved.
Affect Your Emotions Through Music album art 3
Source: kc325e (edited). License: All Rights Reserved.


  • Haas Inserat-Grotesk / Neue Aurora VIII
  • Anzeigen-Grotesk / Neue Aurora IX
  • Eurostile
  • News Gothic
  • Venus




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  1. There is a phototype version of Neue Aurora IX: Aurora Snug from Phil Martin’s Alphabet Innovations.

  2. Thanks, Jay! Just like the name of his outfit implies, Phil Martin often tried to add something new in his interpretations of existing designs. In Aurora Snug, he added flare serifs to the letters, for a snug fit. Unlike many other designs of his, URW didn’t bring it to digital format – apparently they didn’t see enough commercial potential. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it in use. Well, it now has an entry in our database. If you come across a sighting of Aurora Snug in the wild, let us know.

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