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MRFY poster

Contributed by Blaž Rojs on Feb 9th, 2021. Artwork published in
April 2020
    MRFY poster
    Photo: Blaž Rojs. License: All Rights Reserved.

    Poster created for the Slovenian rock band MRFY. The goal was to create a poster that expresses the band’s attitude towards music and through a variety of typefaces encourages all kinds of listeners to engage with their music.

    This poster won a Gold Medal in New York’s Graphis Design Annual 2021.

    From top to bottom, the typefaces in use are:

    Bluu, Jean-Baptiste Morizot (Velvetyne)
    Le Murmure Greek, George Triantafyllakos (Velvetyne)
    Blocus, Martin Desinde (Velvetyne)
    Kaeru Kaeru, Isabel Motz (Velvetyne)
    DF Kai SB by Dynacom, available from Microsoft
    Kozuka Gothic, available from Adobe

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