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CTRL Your Future

Contributed by Production Type on Mar 8th, 2021. Artwork published in .
CTRL Your Future 1
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CTRL Your Future is an event hosted by Digi-Gxl studio in collaboration with the Institute of Coding. The goal of this event is to open the professions of creative tech to 16 to 18 year old womxn, non-binary people and transfolk. It’s achieved through workshops, lectures and times for questions the participants could have concerning the requirements and possible paths for these professions. CTRL Your Future is run by young creatives, and offers activities such as a face filter or an AR fashion activism workshops, in order to break from standard extracurricular courses and attract the public it is aiming for. Moreover, the main idea was to encourage diversity in a field still dominated by men, and at the same time to give the opportunity to create one’s own visual universe and models.

For the communication of the event, Digi-Gxl wanted to create an identity that a younger audience would trust and identify with. To do so, the designer went for a digital atmosphere of 3D abstract shapes smoothened by a soft glow, anchoring these images in vintage sci-fi and contemporary futuristic aesthetics. The typeface used for the identity is PVC from Production Type, alternating the two styles PVC Banner and PVC Menu. While the family designed by Hélène Marian is directly inspired by 1970s PVC display faces, it perfectly fits the retro-futuristic style of the identity, bringing to mind the typographic dynamics of the Alien Resurrection movie poster: a wide title with compressed credits. This 1990s revival reassesses the revolution that was the personal computer at the time, and shifts this influence into our contemporary world. Nowadays, technologies such as VR and AR are challenging our perception of the world: it is thus urgent (and this was the aim of CTRL Your Future) to give tools to the youth in order to master how they want to be perceived, and not depend on the projections of others.

CTRL Your Future 2
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CTRL Your Future 3
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CTRL Your Future 4
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CTRL Your Future 5
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CTRL Your Future 6
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