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Nightshift – “Kivullisii” (feat. Dreas, Ibe, Pyhimys)

Contributed by Julian Grönberg on Apr 24th, 2021. Artwork published in
April 2021
Nightshift – “Kivullisii” (feat. Dreas, Ibe, Pyhimys) 1
Photo: Julian Grönberg. License: All Rights Reserved.

Cover and concept design for “Kivullisii”, by the Finnish producer duo Nightshift. The texts for the artwork and the credits in the music video are set in Serifbabe, a typeface representing perfectly an immediate nightmare feeling with its sharp endings.

The idea behind the branding of this duo is a refermentation to a sort of a night squad, who can be seen as ambulance, security, police or any other supportive grouping for the performers during their shifts in the night. Crillee was the perfect face to find the line between a typical ambulance typeface and a hip-hop producer duo.

The first single is mainly about “What if nothing changes?” in our current life, especially with the case of global warming like the globe on fire by the end of the video.

The first character is trapped in a dream, where he sends us to two other characters representing different problems in our society. The red tall person who looks like scrarecrow messes with our beautiful and stunning nature. So he is punished to the tree of life for being reckless and mean.

“Trapped in the roots, figuratively showing that even if we all grow out of the earth, our roots dictate that many of us have to fight our way in this world. We’re afraid to get stuck in the hamster wheel, to repeat what our roots dictate us to do – ending up not living a life that is unique and fulfilling. Sometimes, roots need to be pulled out and planted into fresh earth to be able to grow and prosper.”

The third character is a person who just wants to isolate himself because he is afraid and tired of all the things happening outside. He feels most comfortable in his summer cottage, a place usually known for enjoyment and recharging from the daily life. In his case he displays the flipside of this beautiful ideal.

℗ & © 2021 Def Jam Recordings / Universal Music Finland

Nightshift – “Kivullisii” (feat. Dreas, Ibe, Pyhimys) 2
Photo: Julian Grönberg. License: All Rights Reserved.
Nightshift – “Kivullisii” (feat. Dreas, Ibe, Pyhimys) 3
Photo: Julian Grönberg. License: All Rights Reserved.
Nightshift – “Kivullisii” (feat. Dreas, Ibe, Pyhimys) 4
Source: License: All Rights Reserved.


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