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“En Sommarfärd” flag

Contributed by James Edmondson (OH no Type Co.) on Apr 16th, 2021. Artwork published in
circa 2021
    “En Sommarfärd” flag 1
    Kaisa and Christoffer Leka. License: All Rights Reserved.

    I received this email from Kaisa and Christoffer Leka:

    As typedesigners all too rarely get to learn where their typefaces have
    been used (especially if the usage has been somewhat unusual) we thought
    we’d brighten your day by showing you how we made use of your very nice
    typeface Primarily Script.
    To give you a little bit of background, in addition to being designers
    we try to head out for adventures every now and then. And when you
    venture into the unknown, it is best to have a flag to fly! This is
    where you come in. Or at least the typeface you designed does.
    Last summer we took to the seas over here in Finland, hopping in our
    kayaks and encircling the Åland Islands on a two week journey. We
    paddled during the days, camped on small islands and flew the flag with
    your typeface to claim our territory (if only for one night at a time).
    It was a most wonderous voyage, and one which we will remember for a
    long time to come.
    I’m attaching two photos of Kaisa and me along with a display of
    Primarily Script we hope you approve of!

    Keep up the good work,
    Kaisa + Christoffer Leka
    Ps. In case you were wondering what the flag says, it translates very
    simply as follows: A summer voyage. (In Swedish, which is Finlands second
    official language.)

    Wow. I was floored. Rarely does a font use float into my inbox that is as decidedly uncommercial as this. Secondly—Primarily Script in use! Incredible. This is probably my worst selling typeface of all time, and somehow they made it look quite acceptable. It makes me want to return to this design, even though the dismal sales make an argument for the contrary.

    “When you venture into the unknown, it is best to have a flag to fly!” The words echo rattle around my brain like a pick stuck inside an acoustic guitar.

    —James Edmondson
    April, 2021

    “En Sommarfärd” flag 2
    Kaisa and Christoffer Leka. License: All Rights Reserved.


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